I can conduct the two day “Youth Mental Health First Aid” course at your school for your teachers and frontline staff. Schools that have taken the initiative to do this have reported tangible benefits to the mental health welfare of both staff and students. With the rates of suicide for Australian youth at an all-time high, this alone is a reason to seriously consider providing this training for your staff.

You can read about the YMHFA course here. This training course is a very effective way of equipping your staff with an awareness of mental health issues that particularly relate to young people, and the skills to deal with any mental health issues as effectively as possible. With an increased understanding and skills base, your staff will have greater confidence in their ability to deal with a crisis, and to provide a more positive mental health environment for their students. The certificate at the completion of the two-day accredited course is often appreciated, as is the comprehensive handbook which serves as a helpful future resource.

Alternatively, I can provide shorter training sessions (usually two hours) on any topic pertaining to mental health, such as:


Suicide awareness and prevention

Eating disorders and body image

Self harming

Depression and anxiety

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Drug & alcohol abuse

When schools can not manage the two day course but want something more than just a two-hour session, a common practise is to contract me to provide a one day “Introduction to Mental Health” course for their staff. The usual topics covered are depression, anxiety, substance use and suicide, but any topics pertaining to mental health can be included within the time frame.

If you would like to contact me to discuss possibilities for your school, please use the form below or the information at the bottom of this site. If appropriate, I can meet with you to discuss arrangements or post you a comprehensive information package.

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“A day after finishing this course I found myself talking with a young student who was suicidal.  I felt confident enough to work with them and assist them and it went really well.”  

Sue, High School Teacher

“I think all staff should do this course, not just welfare staff.”

Peter, Whitebridge High School
Thank you again for the course last week, it was one of the most interesting and well presented courses I've been to. Your passion and understanding of the material is inspiring.I just wanted to share with you... A work colleague's son has been suffering depression recently and on Friday he became suicidal. She felt helpless and was quite distraught as she didn't know his whereabouts and didn't know what course of action to take.After the course I felt so much more confident in giving her advice and talking about options etc. She had no idea that the police could be called for help and to intervene if necessary, and she proceeded to do that. The ambulance was called and the usual protocols were observed.  They were really helpful and understanding.  He is doing okay, and they are continuing with counselling etc, and the doctor has put him on anti depressants (and I even know about the dangers of this but that sometimes it is a good option and we know what to look out for).

So- thank you so much. I am so much better equipped to deal with some of the situations that have crossed my path previously.

High School Teacher, Newcastle