Over the last 18 years I have been involved in training on all levels, from one on one mentoring of new graduate clinicians right through to teaching full time at a tertiary level. I contract myself on a part-time basis to all sorts of organisations; government, non-government, non-profit, universities and Community Colleges to name a few.

If you’re looking for a trainer or a facilitator there are a number of areas where I have had significant clinical and educational experience which allows me to tailor training to suit your specific needs. Some of these areas include:

Drug and Alcohol Use and Abuse
Understanding Addiction
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Anxiety Treatment and Support
The Mental Health Act (2007)
Adult Mental Health First Aid Training
Youth Mental Health First Aid Training
Group Facilitation
Suicide Awareness and Prevention

If you have specific training needs then I’d be very glad to discuss them with you and see if we can tailor something to very specifically meet your organisation’s requirements. Please complete the contact form at the bottom of this page, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

For specific information, see these pages:


Tailored/Corporate Training


Here is some recent feedback we have received:

Schools Training:

Thank you again for the course last week, it was one of the most interesting and well presented courses I've been to. Your passion and understanding of the material is inspiring.I just wanted to share with you... A work colleague's son has been suffering depression recently and on Friday he became suicidal. She felt helpless and was quite distraught as she didn't know his whereabouts and didn't know what course of action to take.After the course I felt so much more confident in giving her advice and talking about options etc. She had no idea that the police could be called for help and to intervene if necessary, and she proceeded to do that. The ambulance was called and the usual protocols were observed.  They were really helpful and understanding.  He is doing okay, and they are continuing with counselling etc, and the doctor has put him on anti depressants (and I even know about the dangers of this but that sometimes it is a good option and we know what to look out for).

So- thank you so much. I am so much better equipped to deal with some of the situations that have crossed my path previously.

High School Teacher, Newcastle

Tailored Training:


“I’ve been commissioning training for Centrelink for the last 5 years. Recently I gave Geoff a briefing on some Mental Illness and Drug and Alcohol training that I wanted for some 45 job capacity assessors. The training Geoff tailored for us was informative, educational, entertaining and right on the mark. The general consensus among the staff on the day was that it was the best 4 hours of mandatory training they had ever attended.”

Maureen - Training Manager, Centrelink

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